Practice Areas

IP Prosecution Domestic and international filing, registration, and annual management of patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs. Prior art and information search prior to filing.

IP Litigation Trial for invalidation and confirmation of the scope of rights. Infringement litigation, patent court lawsuits, and supreme court appeals.

IP Contract and Litigation Domestic and international transfer of patent, utility model, trademark, and design rights. Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for patents, utility models, trademarks, and design rights.

IP Project Prior art search and patent map composition. Proposals for design-around and R&D direction through prior art search and information search.

IP Consulting Discovery of clients' core technologies and know-how and consultation of how to obtain rights therefor. Search and analysis of competitors' intellectual property. Avoidance of disputes and establishment of responses. Design clients' development strategies and establish their intellectual property portfolios.